We have, in place, our own Quality Assurance system.

Quality assurance commences at design stage where all specifications are carefully inspected to ensure that that which the factories are required to produce are structurally sound, and clearly defined in terms of manufacturing requirements.

The contract is then passed to the Operations Manager for his approval prior to being sent to the Production Manager and Sub Contractors for final approval and then released to the factory for production.

Having reached production, the various department heads then take control of Quality Assurance for their specific tasks and on completion, all components are directed to final assembly, where quality control is vetted by the foreman of the assembly division, in conjunction with the Factory Manager.

The final product is then passed to the Installation Manager, who again checks against specifications to ensure that the sign he is installing meets all required specifications.

The Rigging Manager then visits the site to ensure that the installation procedure is correctly applied, and interacts with the client to ensure his satisfaction and then attends to the final signing-off of the contract.

What has briefly been described above, has been most successful in day to day jobbing operations, but is not sufficient for large corporate conversion programmes, and this has manifested itself in the introduction of dedicated Project Managers.