SIGNS DO TWO THINGS: Communicate and Inform.

Good design is a bonus.

We’ve all seen them. Badly designed signs on storefronts, banners, and vehicles.

These bad signs remind us that having a vinyl cutter or digital printer doesn’t instantly make someone a professional sign maker.

At Prestige Signage, we believe strongly that your success is our success. Helping you succeed is our job, our profession, and our passion. To succeed in the sign business, you need to build repeat business. To do that you need to create graphics that produce value for your customer by communicating effectively.


To help you do that, we present A Basic Guide to Sign Design. There is no way we can cover all the sign and graphics design topics, and many of these explanations are oversimplified, but maybe this can give you enough information to get you pointed in the right direction.

The most common mistakes newcomers to signage & graphics make result in poor legibility.  These include bad kerning, poor colour choices, too many fonts, and insufficient contrast. All of these add up to a sign that takes too much time and works to read. My pet peeve is seeing signs with yellow letters on a white background. Who can read that? Remember that most signs are seen as people pass by, often at high speed and distance.  A sign design can look great on your monitor, stunning on the sign blank, but be utterly worthless from across the street.


Let us sign your business/brand to success …